Learn German - Lesson 1 - Situations:

wir sind in deutschland

(photo by  fdecomite used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
german flag


You are now ready for free conversation. Act out the following situations, which are slight variations on the basic sentences, as freely and fluently as you can, making use of all the patterns you have learned.

Finding the Way

An American has just arrived in Germany and doesn't understand too wall yet. He asks a German on the street where the hotel is. The German tells him it’s over there to the left.

The American doesn't understand him and asks him to say it again please. He still does not understand and asks the German to speak slowly. The latter repeats much slower and asks the American if he understands. The American says he does, thanks him and says good-bye. 

Go through this conversation again with the American asking for the embassy, cafe, airport, etc., and the German giving different directions: straight ahead, over there, to the right, etc.


At the Cigar Store

Mr. Becker is the proprietor of a cigar store. Mr. Schneider stops in for some cigarettes. They exchange greetings, and Mr. Becker asks what Mr. Schneider would like. After getting him the cigarettes he asks if Mr. Schneider would like some cigars, too. He says no thanks, but he would like some matches. Figuring up his own bill he says that costs one mark ten, doesn't it, but Mr. Becker says no, it costs two marks. Mr. Schneider gives him the money, and they say good-bye to each other.


At the Restaurant

Miss Schneider is the waitress in a restaurant. Mr. Kunze greets her as he comes in and asks how she is. She returns his greeting and asks if he is well, too. He says yes, thanks, and asks if they have sausage and sauerkraut, and how the beer and the wine are, etc. Finally he says he'd like to have sausage and sauerkraut, beer and some bread. After the meal he pays her - it costs three marks - and says good-bye.