Learn German - Lesson 2 - Situations:

In München

(photo by  Jiuguang Wang used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
munich cathedrale


In a café


Mr. Becker meets Miss Adams in a cafe. He says he hasn’t seen her for a long time and asks her how she is, and if she's going to stay in Munich now. She says yes, she’s probably staying for four months. She likes it very much in Munich. Mr. Becker asks her if she has something planned now and Miss Adams tells him that she'd like to go to the movies. Mr. Becker asks if he may come along and Miss Adams says she’d be glad to have him.


At the movies


Miss Adams points to Mr. and Mrs. Jones at the movies and asks Mr. Becker if he knows them. He says he doesn’t know them and asks who they are. They are Americans. Mr. Becker wonders where they live and Miss Adams tells him they live near her. 

Mr. Jones is a Foreign Service Officer and works at the consulate. Mr. Becker asks if the Jones can speak German. Mr. Jones doesn’t speak German very well but Mrs. Jones does. She is German.