Learn German - Lesson 3 - Situations:


(photo by  digital cat used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
streetcar munich


At the Hotel

Mr. Allen has just arrived in Germany. At the hotel where he is staying he asks the clerk where the cathedral, palace, museum, etc. are and if there is a restaurant down tcwn near by. The clerk answers his questions, shows him the locations on the map of the city and tells him how to get to the various buildings.


At the Restaurant

Mr. Schneider meets Mr. Keller, Whom he hasn't seen for a long time. Mr. Keller often has to go to Frankfurt, but he's staying in Munich for two months now. He asks Mr. Schneider if he'd like to go and eat. Mr. Schneider knows a restaurant on Bahnhofstrasse where they go and order Bratwurst and Sauerkraut and beer to drink. Mr. Keller buys some cigars too.






Mr. Allen goes through customs. The official asks him where he comes from, where he is going and what he has to declare. Mr. Allen does not always understand and has to ask the official to repeat and speak slowly. He tells the official then how many cigars, cigarettes, etc. he has.


Looking around Town

Mr.Köhler meets Mr. Becker at the hotel to show hirn the town. Mr. Becker is not acquainted with the city, but he would like to see the museum, cathedral, palace, city hall, Hofbräuhaus, Ratskeller, park, Königsplatz, etc. They take a bus through town, and Mr. Köhler points out the sights.