Learn German - Lesson 4 - Situations:

Im Konsulat

(photo by  Snappy used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
American consulate in Munich


At the Consulate


Mx. Keller and his wife wish to visit their son in America. They go to the American Consulate to apply for a visitor's visa. Vice Consul Allen in the Visa Section interviews them, asks for passport, identification, where they are going, etc.


Travel Plans


Mx. Köhler and an acquaintance, Vice Consul Jones, meet in a restaurant near the consulate. They have a beer together and Köhler offers Jones a cigar. The latter thanks him but explains he only smokes a pipe. Köhler also prefers a pipe and Jones offers him his tobacco. He asks Köhler what he's doing in this part of town, and Köhler teIls him he is planning a business trip to the U.S. and needs a visa.